Sportspateria – The sport of the people. It’s not an official slogan, it’s not even really an unofficial slogan, the point is that when the people talk we listen. Case in point, I was talking to some old man this past Friday and he said something to me that resonated deeply, the old man said “Have you ever tried to show someone what Sportspateria is, but when you go to Google to punch it in to the search bar you can’t find it because who the hell knows how to spell that?” Naturally I told him no because I don’t know how to use the internet, but I see his point. Whatever this Google thing is, it must be able to find Sportspateria, so we have come up with a way to help you all find it – I would like to introduce to you What is that you say? It is a quick and easy way to find without having to struggle spelling it. Simply go to the Google, type in and it will send you directly to the Sportspateria website. You no longer have to spend any time pumping Sporttreea or Sportpatria or Sport-insert combination of letters-ia in to Google and coming up empty handed. No more letting your friends down because you can’t spell. has arrived. We made it for you, the people, because we love you.


The Sportspateria Team

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