Have you ever had a good idea that you were absolutely stoked about? I mean really jacked up about. Like “Oh God, how the hell did I think this up? Shimmy over Elon Musk, I got this!” We had one of those ideas once. Let’s take a walk back in time to two years ago. We were trying to come up with the perfect Sportspateria court. We knew what we wanted to build, we knew the dimensions and how it should look, but we weren’t sure how to build it. We decided on polypropylene strapping to make the inner and outer portions of the court. Step one complete. Then came the question of how to connect the court. One enormous strap wouldn’t work because the court has two parts and needs to be pegged in to the playing surface somehow. After what might have been a couple of drinks, that stroke of genius, that lightning in a bottle that we are all looking for, our Michelangelo, our SpaceX reusable rocket, came to us as if delivered from some higher power. Step two complete. Let me introduce all of you to Clip-Pateria!

Oh, what? You’re not impressed? Well of course you’re not impressed. It looks like the initial design of some sort of poor-mans satchel. It only took about half a day to set the court up too. I think parents would have loved it. Give it to your kids and watch them spend hours struggling to figure out how to put it together like one of those 3000 piece puzzles where the last few pieces never fit or get lost because one of the kids got hungry. Is it bad that I thought this court design was the coolest thing for like 4 months?

Alright, so what’s the point of all this? I guess the point is that we all have to start somewhere. Hopefully the starting point for most of you isn’t one really weird idea, where you’re trying to build a court but it looks like you’re designing an orange backpack. Also, clips suck, except for the noise they make when you clip them, that’s cool. So, if any of you need any clips just drop us a line, we have a bunch stashed away in a drawer somewhere.

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