Dreams of Sportspateria

Do you know where your Sportspateria Kit is? I do, it’s sitting in my living room in Toronto. So, as I sit here in a small town located north of Highway 7 between Belleville and Ottawa, unable to leave because I don’t have any tires on my car, yearning to go outside but unable to because I’m scared of the black flies, I find myself dreaming of Sportspateria. The warmth of the orange strapping, the smooth texture of the paddle, my inability to hit the ball; it always brings a smile to my face. Some of you may have seen it, swing and a miss, the ball lands in my square, stupid smile on my face.

You want to know why Sportspateria is such a good game? It’s because it’s so easy to play yet so difficult to master. I’ve been playing for years and I’m almost certain that most teenagers would be able to beat me. Maybe that says more about me than anything but so be it. The aim of the game is so simple, just hit the ball with an arc and defend your square well enough to be the last person standing. Simple, right? The fact is that there are so many nuances to the game from positioning to the different shot types that can be employed that it is quite hard to master. But the best thing about Sportspateria is that it always plays to the level of the competition of the players playing it at any given time. Sure, it’s likely that the best players will win in the long run, which is why I never win, but the game will still remain exciting for all involved. This is why I love Sportspateria. I also love it because I get to go outside, which is always a treat. So, if anyone is ever looking to get a game going, just drop Cam or I a line and we will find a way to get there and play and together we can turn my dream in to a reality.

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