Paddle Evolution

Have you ever played a game that used paddles made out of duct tape? We have. You see, many moons ago when we were in high school, Cam, myself and our friends used to play Sportspateria using paddles made out of duct tape. To be honest, I would still make the paddles out of duct tape if I thought anyone would actually buy them. They just have that cool Red Green Show homeless person style look to them. As we have forged forward in our Sportspateria journey, we have gone from duct tape chopping block paddle to duct tape thing that kind of looks like a real paddle to wooden cave man paddle to weird curved triangle paddle (which, by the way, came in multiple colours) to oversized Sportspateria paddle to our current model, which I will just call gorgeous Sportspateria paddle. Did you know that some of the earlier models were made exclusively by hand? I know it’s hard to tell, but it’s true.

As Sportspateria continues to grow, Sportspateria continues to innovate. We have gone from a court initially made out of string to the beautiful orange specimen you see today. That being said, if anyone prefers to play with a string court and duct tape paddles we fully support that decision; Sportspateria will never forget our roots and where we came from.

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