Sportspateria Goes Global

If you know me well then you know that all of my friends call me Mr. International. Okay, fine, no one calls me that, I might be the least well traveled person on the planet. If it isn’t in Toronto then chances are I haven’t seen it. On the other hand, Sportspateria is making moves all over the globe. Sportspateria kits are now available to be shipped internationally when ordered online at So, all of my people out in the Congo can now get their hands on the Sportspateria kit they’ve always wanted but have never been able to order. We are also expecting a huge surge in sales now that Sportspateria powerhouses like Bangladesh can get their hands on some of that sweet-sweet arc. In related news, I had purchased Rosetta Stone in an effort to learn all of the world’s languages so that the Sportspateria Team could make videos tailored to every single country. That plan is currently on hold because Cam thinks I should finish learning English first. So, for the time being, it’s just the kits that are international. If you ever find yourself in a distant land keep your eyes out for Sportspateria. The arc is worldwide now.

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